Karl Denninger on Strauss-Kahn, IMF, and more

His latest 30 minute podcast is on BlogTalkRadio now.

The IMF, Greece, the US Debt position (breach day is today, incidentally) and more. 30 minutes of, well, “grab the popcorn” discussion.

Denninger is co-founder of the original Tea Party, which was founded specifically in opposition to the bailouts of insolvent banks by the federal government. He’s neither racist nor a loony and has nothing but scorn for the Tea Parties who jacked his idea and turned it into “pablum; God, guns, and gays.”

From the show:

Did you know that a woman in Florida had her house broken into twice by thugs from banks with no paperwork and the police did nothing? The house was not in default. Geithner wants to grab money from our retirement funds and increase the debt limit. This so the banksters can be paid off at the full amount on their bonds. There’s no talk of restructuring, the US taxpayer is expected to bend over and take it for the banksters.

It’s like the allegations against Strauss-Kahn, isn’t it? He takes, someone gets raped. How apt that he has raped countries via the IMF for bankster bondholders.

Denninger says if DSK didn’t do it, then someone set him up. This creates a ‘battle of the lions’ whereby they try to destroy each other, something we benefit by as the truth eventually comes out. As an aside, he says, Eliot Spitzer was set up, but you can’t be set up if you don’t take your pants off.

I find Denninger’s bluntness, genuine anger, and courage a welcome change from the increasingly tepid liberal / progressive blogosphere which is mostly preoccupied with blogging about what those horrid Republicans are doing. Hey, Strauss-Kahn is (at least nominally) a socialist, so I guess the problem isn’t just one political faction, is it? Rather, the system itself is rotten and corrupt.


  1. Oh please Bob, don’t hang Strauss-Kahn on the socialist flag, we have enough shit to clear out. Caviare, £2,000 a night hotel rooms, lecherous, skirt chaser, philanderer, where does the socialist bit fit in?
    What does the Dominique Strauss-Kahn, now former president of the IMF, affair say about the socialists in France? Here is a man who has the reputation of being a bit of a lecherous creep, a skirt chaser, and philanderer, this translates as disrespect for women in any true socialist’s language. He is the head of one of the world’s largest corporate capitalist organisations, a man who can spend £2,000 a night on hotel bills and has been called a “caviare socialist”. A man who wanders the world forcing countries to decimate the living standards of the ordinary people of those countries, just to make sure that the bond markets, i.e. the banks, don’t lose any money on their dodgy gambles. A man that has seen the people of various countries shafted by his rigorous regulations to make sure the bankers don’t lose, and the corporate world gains, and yet, the socialists of France see him as their saviour, the man to lead them to victory, the next socialist president of France. Did they honestly believe that this man wanted to join a socialist world, let alone a socialist France? Did they believe that he was going to change to a reputable, decent human being with full respect for all the people, including those women he allegedly pursued for his own selfish gratification and those people in the countries his organisation shafted, raped and plundered? That he would suddenly champion the cause of the people against the corporate banking world? Isn’t it time that the “socialists” started being part of the people, seeking their answers among the ordinary people and moving in the direction the ordinary people want to move. Or do they just want power, power at any cost and to strut around the political stage showing off their rich and famous, new “caviare socialist” president?

    • That’s exactly my point, he’s socialist in name only, a SINO who impoverishes countries so the bondholders will be paid in full. Even though the bondholders knew the bonds were risky and that, for example, Greece was cooking the books. But IMF insures the populace of such countries will pay for the excesses and recklessness of the elites.

      Sounds like the Socialist Party of France is as ethically vacant as our two major parties here. And he was expected to run for president as socialist too.

  2. They all want a GOD that they can follow with adoration, it saves you thinking for yourself. Celebrity socialism, we can’t do anything for ourselves, we must have the big name to lead us to the promised land. The idiots want to win at the elites corporate game, they should be playing their own game and making the rules accordingly, after all that’s what the elites do and they win.

    • I think it’s more that sociopaths thrive in our current environment of little regulation and open theft. Most people know what’s going on and don’t like it but aren’t sure what to do about it.

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