‘Strauss-Kahn is finished”. Let’s hope IMF is too

Spiegel details how the political career of DSK is over. He was widely expected to run for president of France as a socialist where he had a serious chance of winning. But he blew all that up with the apparent assault on the maid.

His lecherous behavior was an open secret yet the Socialist Party and the IMF chose to ignore it, something which reflects badly on both of them. More to the point, as a supposed socialist he was spending IMF money on $3,000 a night hotels room and first class airfare, which certainly makes him a piss-poor example of a socialist.

As head of IMF he raped defenseless countries by forcing them to accept onerous terms so the bondholders (AKA the big banks) would get paid in full on ‘investments’ they knew were dicey. Such policies only benefit an elite few, That unemployment and social unrest rises and countries are forced into recession as a direct result of their oppressive loan terms troubles them not. The banksters must be made whole on the bonds, that’s all that matters to them.

This is corruption and favoritism at the highest level. The entire edifice is rotten and needs to be replaced. DSK is simply an extreme example of our debauched financial system.

Meanwhile, the pillage and rape continues

New York Fed working to bend real estate law to suit needs of banks.

Whatever the banksters want, the NY Fed gives them.

Tepco hits previously unimagined new heights is dissembling, saying reactor 2 might have melted down along with reactor 1, this within hours after the tsunami hit. But oopsie, they forgot to tell us that. They promise a new plan to replace their earlier inadequate plans as the evacuation area continues to be widened.

Tepco plans to put a tent over three reactors. Yes, a tent. Chernobyl was encased in concrete. Greenpeace says they found alarmingly high levels of radiation in seaweed near Fukushima. The Japanese government said they would have to “estabish they were done in an appropriate way.” Translation: We will ignore Greenpeace because we must protect our jobs, social status, and salaries.

Oh, a worker died at the plant. Tepco says they’re clueless about why. Right…

PS Strauss-Kahn. Poster child for the ruling global elite (if you missed this post from yesterday)

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