Strauss-Kahn. Poster child for the ruling global elite

When the ruling global elite aren’t raping the financially defenseless they apparently amuse themselves by raping defenseless women.

Given Strauss-Kahn’s high profile, NYPD wouldn’t have arrested him unless they were very sure of themselves. Way too many of the ruling elite are sociopaths who think they are above the law. As head of the IMF Strauss-Kahn makes decisions affecting the lives of millions. Yet for sociopaths, such a position would be used primarily to enriching themselves. Any concern for their actual responsibilities would be an afterthought at best.

There is no better metaphor for what an ethically devoid ruling elite is doing to the world. Rape at will. Fuck the law. It could be BP polluting the Gulf through their negligence then screwing the victims or Tepco trying to save itself while deliberately endangering the lives of millions or Lloyd Blankfein visibly smirking at he testified to Congress while trying to evade questions about Goldman swindling their customers. For them the law is something their lawyers are instructed to maneuver around. They plunder countries, corrupt governments, and feel no sense of responsibility to anyone but themselves and their financial elite class. So should they feel the need to rape a maid, why of course, they are the royalty, she is the serf. It’s only what they are due.

Well, maybe not this time. Strauss-Kahn was expected to run for president as a Socialist in France soon. But judging from reports, his career appears to be over. He certainly is a SINO (Socialist In Name Only.) His alleged brutality in raping the maid and general hypocrisy are overwhelming and disgusting. Even The Economist find him repellent.

It makes you want to join the Tea Party

Leave aside the details of the allegations against Dominique Strauss Kahn, the head of the IMF (his lawyer indicates he will plead not guilty) Just note that the New York Times states that he was staying in a $3,000 a night suite and was taking a first class flight to Paris. This is the IMF, the body that imposes austerity on indebted countries and is funded by global taxpayers. And this was the likely leading socialist candidate for the French presidency.

But he’s simply a slightly extreme example of the financial elite, who care not for laws, countries, or the general good. Their all-consuming interest is further enriching themselves as their vast sense of entitlement leads them to believe they can do whatever they want to whomever they want.

We The People need to stop this ruling elite and stop them now. There are way more of us than them and frankly, given the degeneracy of most of them, I doubt police, armies, or even their hired thugs will be all that enthusiastic about defending them, should push ever come to shove. And I hope it does. Really folks, it’s us or them.

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