Punctuated equilibrium and the possibility of civil war in US

Things in this country are building up to an explosion, says Doug Casey.

Stephen Jay Gould was right with his concept of punctuated equilibrium in terms of geological history. Basically, it holds that things progress very slowly for long periods of time, then evolve very quickly after some catastrophic event upsets the balance.

At this point the Super State is out of control. It took a long while for the whole contrivance to build up the head of steam it now has. I think it’s overheating and looks close to blowing. The War Between the States was a major turning point, and unfortunately the country turned in the wrong direction.

We have a government and Congress that ignores the will of the people. Most want the wars to end and for the investment banks to be criminally prosecuted. But instead we get more wars and a hands off the TBTF banks as official policy from the White House and the Fed.

The conviction yesterday of Rajaratnam was a perhaps a start, but then he’s from India, backed the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and is a convenient (and absolutely guilty) non-White target. I’ll believe the feds are truly serious when investment banks CEOs get indicted.

Casey is a gold bug, with what all that implies. But his point is accurate. The anger and rage in this country has been building steadily as the economy worsens and our elected officials do little for the public and much for the already-wealthy. Something will snap, something will explode. It always does. And it probably won’t be pretty.