Hitchens slams Chomsky over Osama

The professor’s pronouncements about Osama Bin Laden are stupid and ignorant.

Chomsky’s statement that just because bin Laden said he was responsible for 9/11 doesn’t mean he was, is both deliberately evasive and approaches senility.

Sorry Noam, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. Just because the US has done loathsome things doesn’t mean that others haven’t done the same, especially when they admit to it.

And the far left wonders why more aren’t sympathetic to it. Sheesh.


  1. Glad to see you’re going after our real enemies, like Noam Chomsky.

    Seriously, though, it’s like you’ve never read anything by Chomsky before. He’s known for being the devil’s advocate. That’s his writing style and I don’t think it’s always indicative of what he really believes.

    • I didn’t say he was a real enemy just that what he said was seriously dumb. And if he said something that dumb and doesn’t believe what he said, then that was even dumber.

      And yes, I’ve read Chomsky.

      Sorry, but I think he jumped the shark on this

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