Lefties, the Scottish National Party shows us what to do

The SNP, a “pro-independence moderate left-of-centre party” which was left for dead four years ago in the aftermath of the Royal Bank of Scotland having to be bailed out by Britain, has roared back and now controls the Scottish Parliament. They decimated Labour and the Lib Dems. They did not do this by being timid little church mice and constantly moving to the right. Instead, they stood strong for health care, affordable housing, education for all, and a green economy which includes investment to develop Scotland’s huge wind, wave, and tidal energy resources. And the voters responded.

This of course is what the Democratic Party here should do. Stand tall and fight for specific issues instead of cravenly capitulating, trying to grab a mythical center. The SNP shows us Left can win.


  1. I don’t see many “lefties” running to the SNP. The biggest factor in their win was the collapse of the Scottish Lib/Dems. Down south in England they don’t realise the Scottish hatred of the Conservatives. Up her the Lib/Dems are seen to be the party that allow the Conservatioves to govern and that makes them the lowest of the low, so their Scottish support just walked away, but they couldn’t see themdselves as labour. I have no doubt that if the Conservatives fall the Scottish Lib/Dems will go back to their homeland.

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