Polizeros Radio. Anarchism. IWW. Guest: David Buccola

Our guest was David Buccola, an Anarchist, Buddhist carpenter from New York City. He spoke about the basic tenets of Anarchism; horizontal organizations, egalitarian, taking direct action, and self-organizing. Many of building trades in New York City are now doing exactly this, whether they call it anarchism or not, in their spontaneous organizing against the threat of serious pay cuts. Anarchism is people coming together unhindered by hierarchies to get things done.

We also spoke about the unfortunate tendency of the Left, whether it be anarchist or socialist, to get bogged down in arguments over doctrinal purity. The real goal is to create genuine coalitions across the political spectrum organized on issues important to the members. The price of gas effects everyone, regardless of political affiliation. That’s what’s important, not arguing about Bakunin vs. Marx.

BTW, there is a worldwide organization that is truly anarchist in principle and organization, even though they may not know it. They have several million members and tens of thousands of groups. Each group is completely autonomous and self-supporting. No other group or any of the various regional organizations can tell a group what to do. You can start a group on your own, no permission is needed. There are no dues or fees and no membership lists. The organization has been hugely successful. Its name is Alcoholics Anonymous.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers and myself. Josh Mull will return next week. Thank you David, for being on the show!

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