You say you want a revolution

Micah White, contributing editor at Adbusters says we do indeed need a revolution.

Everywhere we look there are signs of moral decay, political corruption and fascistic tendencies. However, activists have not been passive. For decades, since the end of democracy in America first became undeniable, we have tried every tactic to avert catastrophe. We have voted, written letters, donated money, held signs, protested in marches, clicked links, signed petitions, tweeted websites, written books, taught classes, knitted sweaters, learned how to farm, turned off the television, programmed apps, engaged in direct action, committed petty vandalism?”¦ All this has been for naught. Popular revolution remains the only reasonably viable tactic remaining.

First off, revolution doesn’t have to be violent. The USSR and apartheid fell with practically no violence.  They succeeded because in the end, the armies did nothing to oppose the people. This is the best of all possibles outcomes.

Second, tweeting and the Internet are ways to pass the message instantly and to millions, but can never substitute for the message itself.

Third, most political websites, petitions, and calls to actions are simply ways to get you on their mailing list so you can donate money or be a member. Getting 100,000 signatures on a Net petition is essentially useless when it comes to forcing real action and change in Washington. Most organizations know this, even if their members don’t.

Fourth, genuine mass coalitions organized on specific issues are the most effective way to force change. The Populists of the 1890’s hardly agreed on everything. But they were united in acting against bankers who were foreclosing on their farms and crop speculators who were gouging them on prices. What we need is unity across the political spectrum on a few issues.

And of course this can happen. Just look at the Middle East protests now. Let them be our inspiration.

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