Green Party makes history: Elizabeth May becomes MP in Canada

Elizabeth May has become the first-ever Green MP in Canada, defeating a longtime Tory minister.

“I stand here today as the first elected Green MP in the history of Canadian politics,” she yelled above the crowd chanting her name.

“And I stand here today and I remain committed, as all of us are, to rejecting the politics of fear, and bringing respect back to our House of Commons.”

Update from Green Lisa: May is also first Green elected to federal office in North America!

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  1. And the first Green elected to Federal office in North America, of course!

    Many U.S. Greens think we should pursue this strategy of putting all the resources into one race, though of course they get federal funding for political parties in Canada (which we don’t) and I read somewhere that she got to spend more in the race (?) because she was a Party leader.


    Lisa Taylor
    “Greens are neither left nor right, we’re out in front!” —Petra Kelly, founder of German Green Party

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