Huntsville tornadoes

Six tornadoes ripped through Huntsville, AL on Wednesday, not just one. Power is still out for much of North Alabama. The earliest power will be fully restored is Saturday or Sunday. Our fellow podcaster Josh Mull lives there. He’s ok and so is the comic book store where he works. Whew. But many were not so fortunate and dozens are dead. Others lost everything.

A few days after the Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles, it felt to me like a bruised and battered city was slowly picking itself up off the ground. It probably feels about the same in Huntsville now.

I helped friends clean up homes after Northridge. Everything that could have fallen out of kitchen cupboards and broken on the floor did. Other friends had homes with major structural damage. Survivor’s guilt is quite real. Why did I survive with no damage and friends did not?

When the power is out, having a cell phone charger in your car can make a crucial difference. Also, radios in cars still work and chances are local radio stations will be broadcasting important news using backup power.

Hang in there Huntsville, like Los Angeles after Northridge, you will come back. Things will return to normal.

PS Josh is in Birmingham now and is tweeting again.

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