Tell me again, why do liberals defend Obama?

Ian Welch details how Obama without fail sides with the rich, making sure they get huge and unjustified bailouts while the rest of us get screwed. He concludes Obama must lose in 2012, whether in the primary or the general election.

If President Teabag gets in after 4 years of Obama, the US will be in better shape at the start of his wrecking than it will be if he gets in after 8 years of Obama. Obama is a disaster, who is making things worse, not better. He’s just making it worse more slowly than a Republican.

Hey liberal bloggers, Obama is not your friend. Why do you continue to defend him and pretend that Republicans are the source of All That Is Evil? Because it’s simply not so. The Democratic Party is equally complicit in the endless wars and in the financial collapse. Is it so you can build up your itty bitty PACs and fund-raising efforts in bedraggled hopes that one day you too may be a player in the corruption that is the Democratic Party and somehow reform it? But the two parties cannot be reformed from within, the rot is too deep for that. Reformists are rendered neutral, driven out, or compromised. Both parties are quite skilled at doing that.

Instead, look to the Middle East, where tyrants are falling from power. Those protesters are not working within the system or within established parties. Instead they are forcing change from the outside. That’s the way it will happen here too.


  1. But what makes you think that President Tea Bag won’t be any different at BJ’ing the rich than Obama?
    You often mention that the Anti-War movement was really Anti-Bush. What makes you think that the Tea Bag movement isn’t mostly Anti-Obama? I’ve also known my share of teabaggers and most were giddy with happiness when Republicans took the House, mostly because of party affiliation than with any promise of sound budget decisions.
    Yes, there are teabaggers that will hold Republicans up to the flame, but most will likely shut up when a Republican is back at the WH pretty much making a lot of change at the surface and business as usual behind the scenes.

    • Daniel that is so true. Some of my friends who are Tea Party sympathizers wouldn’t say a bad word about Bush while he was in office. Now they acknowledge he wasn’t much different from Obama. But Obama is a (gasp) Democrat!

      OTOH too many of my liberal friends still haven’t made the connection that Obama is not much different from Bush. And at least he’s a (sigh) Democrat!

      “Vote for me because the other guy is worse” isn’t just a campaign tactic any more. People really believe it!

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