Wireless Internet provider InfoWest

I have waved farewell to Qwest and their anemic DSL, which had degraded to the point where watching YouTube videos at night was impossible. Their reputation here in southern Utah can charitably be described as clueless. Compounding that are aging copper telephone wires in the area, which mean that connectivity for DSL can never meet advertised speeds.

So, not only do I have wireless in the house, the Internet comes to me wireless from a transmitter five thousand feet up on Mount Flattop to a receiver on the roof. This from InfoWest, who has several thousand customers in surrounding areas. Their home page says “Locally owned. Debt free. No subsidies. Since 1994.” Works for me.

They claim 6 mbps downstream in their advertising and that’s exactly what I’m getting. w00t!

One day, most Internet connectivity will be wireless. It just makes sense.

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