US want sanctions against Syria yet bombs Libya

In both cases, protesters are being slaughtered. Yet only in Libya did the US intervene. This happened after the protesters picked up guns. Within a week they called for a No Fly Zone which immediately was instituted. It’s all quite curious, almost like it was planned in advance.

Contrast Libya with Syria, where Assad is now using heavy armor and killing anything that moves. These atrocities have finally forced to US to say maybe there should be sanctions against Syria. But, this would take a long time to do and won’t help the people of Syria now. In other words, the US is doing nothing of consequence in Syria.

Either we favor those fighting for democracy or we don’t. We can’t pick and choose else we will be seen as hypocrites using democracy as a pretext for hidden motives.


  1. Does the West ever invade or intervene in a physical way to bring democracy to another nation. Don’t you suspect that when we do intervene we have alterior motives and don’t really give a shit about those people over there? Or am I being a little bit cynical?

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