NATO runs out of ammo in Libya “oil liberation” campaign

Zero Hedge sums up the Libya clusterfuck the US has blundered into.

Where does one even start with this one: US launches air campaign against oil rich country under pretext of humanitarian intervention (while ignoring comparable events in Syria and Iran). US realizes it does not actually use Libyan oil, government runs out of money, hits debt ceiling, leading to decision to pull out of Libya after it is uncovered that CIA operatives had been laying the groundwork for a government overthrow for months, and a scramble to avoid Iraq deja vu ensues. US hands over military campaign to ragtag NATO force led by France. NATO “air superiority” force bombs rebel units; Libyan rebels lose previously held positions and oil wells. Libyan government on verge of repelling US and NATO forces, leading to… NATO runs out of ammunition. There is no point to even comment on this increasingly more surreal chain of events.

The only way any of this makes sense is to realize the US has a war economy and must always have fresh, new, and exciting wars to fight. Whether the US wins is immaterial. The economy and the defense contractors have been enriched and that’s all that matters. After all, it’s not the children of politicians and defense contractors who are getting killed and maimed. That’s what the white underclass is for.

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