US Uncut organizing 100 Tax Weekend actions

It is an obscenity that huge corporations pay no federal income tax while budgets are slashed nationwide. Our government has effectively been captured by and is complicit with this ripoff. US Uncut has been successfully organizing nationwide protests on this, and it is an issue that knows no political boundaries. Plenty of conservatives detest these corporate parasites too, who too often get huge subsidies yet pay no tax.

In the wake of a satirical media prank on GE with help from the Yes Men, US Uncut is planning a weekend of nearly 100 Tax Day actions between April 15th and April 18th. The group makes a direct connection between recently announced budget cuts and a corporate culture of tax evasion.

“Why are we cutting $400 million from local law enforcement funding, while corporations like GE, Verizon, Bank of America, and FedEx continue to get away with not paying any taxes year after year?”” asked Carl Gibson of US Uncut Mississippi, “If GE alone paid their fair share of taxes, then we could ‘uncut’ nearly $2 billion in job training programs. Do we want good jobs in America or do we want tax cheats?”

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