Polizeros Radio podcast. Fractures on the Left over Obama

While the two parties have genuine differences on issues like abortion, the environment, and a safety net, they are in complete agreement about foreign policy (American exceptionalism rules) and corporatism (Hey Wall Street, want more money? can we ignore more laws for you?)

The DFH’s, as well as many liberals and progressive, miss this, thinking Obama somehow is one of them, and is just misguided or has bad advisors. Surely if they keep working for change within the Democratic Party then Obama will see the error of his ways and morph into Liberalman.Not going to happen

This becomes bizarre and sickening when you realize that party loyalists will praise their own politicians for something they attack opposition politicians for doing. Like what, you ask? Like Democrats defending Obama’s approval of the brutal treatment of Bradley Manning when they would have foamed at the mouth if George Bush had done it.

With Josh Mull of Firedoglake & Rethink Afghanistan and myself. Steve Hynd couldn’t make it this week.

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