Radioactive water leaks at second Japan nuclear plant

This after a strong aftershock. Officials said not to worry, because there’s no change whatsover in radiation outside the plant so don’t be worrying your foolish selves about that, before they slithered away leaving a trail of slime.

Three other nuclear facilities and five coal plants either lost external power or were shut down as a result of the aftershock. But again, everything is fine, just fine.


  1. Maybe nuclear power is okay if reasonable restrictions are placed on it and strict regular inspections are implemented. Unfortunately, this is not likely in the current corporate climate.

    This is somewhat a change from my old position on nuclear power.

    Anyone get the feeling we’re close to one world government by the rich and big corporations than we’d like to think?

    • I think we are almost there. But look at the Middle East protests. No one knows how it will all end but the protesters are toppling governments.

      What the US needs is a good old-fashioned all American populist uprising.

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