Polizeros Radio. Government shutdown. 2012 elections. Peak oil

Dave Anderson of Newshoggers was our guest this week, and had enormous amounts of information and insights about the shutdown and 2012. Thank you for joining us, Dave!

Topics included:

  • Will the shutdown happen? Hard right Republicans want to defund EPA and Planned Parenthood, so this is hardly just about the budget. But Democrats as usual do little to fight back or to present a competing platform.
  • Obama could win by default in 2012 if Republicans nominate a loony. Pawlenty could be their compromise candidate, but he’s colorless. Josh says Michele Bachmann is not nearly as crazy as she appears and in fact once ripped a Democratic opponent to shreds during a debate. Dave says it’ll be a non-crazy, someone like Barbour or Romney.
  • With testimony in Congress about how peak oil is coming, moving to renewable energy becomes more important. Our era of cheap oil has passed and will never return, says Steve. The EU already has a coherent plan for going to renewable energy on a mass scale, something the US lacks and sorely needs.

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With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and Josh Mull of Firedoglake & Rethink Afghanistan and myself.

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