Houston, we have a budget deal

Maybe the theatrics will be over for at least a few months now.

$38.5 billion in cuts in a budget of $3.8 trillion is chump chance. Neither side is taking the budget deficit seriously. As usual, the dual parties of corporatism have squabbled over a few social issues and ignored most everything else.


  1. Jamie Dupree at the Washington Insider cited rumors that a budget deal was reached days ago– but not announced so that both sides could continue posturing for the cameras. He said he doesn’t necessarily believe the rumors, but neither would it surprise him.

    Funny how they reached a deal at the last possible moment, just as everyone predicted. This is just like Pro Wrestling: a scripted conflict in which both sides entertain you while reaching a predetermined result. Everyone roots for one of the combatants, but in reality there is no conflict, it’s just a script. In Washington, the purpose of the show is to divert our attention from what’s *really* going on, a corporate kleptocracy gathering power to itself at our expense, while the show allows us to believe we still live in a democracy.

    Are you not entertained?

  2. So the whole budget impasse and subsequent eleventh hour comprise turns out to be nothing more than scam to keep people glued to the tube to keep the Nelson ratings up and the advertisement revenue flowing while making our “representatives” appear as if they are actually doing something now that could have, should have, been done months ago. Just another media event.

  3. Well, considering parts that got taken out were mainly anti-choice initiatives, I’m not going to say it’s a bad thing. But really, a lot of that $3.8 trillion budget isn’t spending in social programs, it’s spending on wars and military. Even with the hard-right budget, which deeply cut social programs, it would have taken decades to come close to a balanced budget. It’s not the programs, it’s the military (which, btw, got yet another increase in it’s spending in this budget…)

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