People everywhere just want to be free

Something is taking place at an archetypal level, across the world, across class and social lines, across religious and political divides, all characterized by popular uprisings against authoritarian high-handedness across the world.

Governments are cratering in the Middle East and elsewhere. Just recently, the government of Canada fell and the ruling party in Germany got clobbered by Greens in an important regional election. The government of Japan, which most thought was highly competent, well organized, and technocrat to the core has instead shown itself to be incompetent and duplicitous. The Tea Party is on a rampage here in the U.S. but so are unions as witness the massive protests in Wisconsin. Increasingly people are furious at being ripped off by the banksters with the government enabling the theft.

But no one offers any explanation, or even the suggestion of an explanation as to why this homogenous response has taken place, aimed at quite different forms of governance: the people versus the powerful.

Isn’t that odd?

Global revolt? Could happen. Let’s hope it is. And let’s bring it on home here.

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