We live in an era where satire is eclipsed by reality

Japan has asked other nations not to “overreact” by banning their crops, which presumably have higher than normal radiation counts. I totally agree. Clearly, other countries halting imports of crops merely because they might be poisonous does indeed border on hysteria. I call on Tepco officials to eat nothing but food grown near Fukushima to prove them wrong.

Obama apparently thinks Libya is an Angry Birds game and when all else fails, he can always call in the Mighty Eagle. The rebels went tearing down that road, stretching out their supply chains (if they even had them) only to run into the ambush the government had waiting for them. Now the rebels are retreating and Nato can’t bomb because the fighting is in cities and civilians could get killed. So, obviously the only solution is to arm the rebels even if some of them are deeply hostile to us.

Ireland and Portugal are near financial collapse, there might be a federal government shutdown, so of course US financial markets, divorced as they are from any semblance of existing in the real world, are near all-time highs.

With news like this, how can I possibly do a April Fools post? Whatever I make up as being deliberately ludicrous will no doubt end up being true by the time the post appears.

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