TEPCO knew of dangers, did not notify workers

Disgraced utility TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear plant, was forced to admit yesterday that it had known about dangerous conditions at the No 3 reactor last week, but failed to warn workers, who were affected when they stepped in radioactive water.

TEPCO executives are criminals. They should be arrested. Lest anyone think I’m Japan-bashing, I’ve said the same about investment bank CEOs in the US. In both cases, the greed of corporations coupled with captured governments have led to huge disasters. Yes, the earthquake and tsunami was hideous. But the response from both government and TEPCO has consistently been to try to protect and save the plant with the health of safety of humans a minor consideration.

Japanese nuclear firm admits error on radiation reading. They say a 10m reading was in error. But won’t say what the actual reading is. Gosh, maybe it was only 1m. That should calm the citizenry there.

Japan nuclear regulator: no chance radioactive water could enter sea. No explantion as to why the water had high radiation readings, however. Are their regulators congenital liars or just totally in denial? More to the point, should they even be called regulators, as they appear to do very little of that and instead content themselves with releasing increasingly bizarre PF fluff aimed at protecting TEPCO.

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