“Breach” most frightening word in nuclear, Michio Kaku

Respected scientist Michio Kaku in an interview with KATA in Portland, OR.

“This is huge. For the first time, they’re using that dreaded word, ‘breach.’ “Plutonium is the most toxic chemical known to science. A speck of plutonium, a millionth of a gram, could cause cancer.”

Even worse, a breach could force workers at the plant to evacuate. The reactors would then melt down, creating “permanent dead zones in Japan.” and a disaster far worse than Chernobyl.

His relatives and friends in Japan have evacuated to the US.


  1. A connection is irresponsibly suggested in that news report. 10000 fatalities are from the tsunami, not from the damage at Fukushima Dai-ichi.

    I liked the author’s “You have a little piece of Chernobyl inside you and I have a little piece of Chernobyl inside me.”

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