Radiation in ocean off nuclear plant 1,250 times normal

A Tokyo Electric official told CNN that authorities are not sure why the levels spiked.

Either the official (and Tokyo Electric) genuinely doesn’t know and thus should be fired and replaced by someone with actual competence or – more likely – he is is being mischevious with the facts, in which case he should be immediately arrested and frog-marched to jail.

Unbelievably, another official tried to imply that while such water would be dangerous to drink, it might not be hazardous for sea life. Okay Mr. Official, I want you to eat sushi from that area for a week. If you don’t end up hospitalized or glowing, then maybe the rest of us might try a nibble. But I’m guessing you won’t eat even a bite. Toyko Electric and the government act like this is all just some darned misperception that can be rectified by the correct application of PR spin. Good luck with that.

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