Fukushima follies

Fukushima engineer says he helped cover up flaw at Reactor 4.

Smoke from plant forces evacuation, again, it’s black smole so something is burning.

Tokyo tap water too radioactive for infants. But adults can drink away says their ever perky government.

The vultures have arrived. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon is now in Japan, hoping no doubt to be a proper disaster capitalist and to profit from and exploit the misery and misfortune of others.


  1. The Tokyo tap water being to radioactive for infants has to be looked at carefully. The safe level of the type of radiation that is being found is of a standard set much lower than in most countries. In the UK the safe level for adults is more than twice the safe level for adults in Japan. So if it was in this country it wouldn’t be deemed as dangerous. Though I would be inclined to set the safe level at or below the Japanese safe level. You would imagine that there should be a universal level when it comes to things like radiation. After all we are all human beings.

  2. Living as I do among Downwinders and their children, forgive me if I doubt the U.S. government’s objectivity when it comes to determining a safe level of radiation exposure. That a certain level would be considered safe in this country does not provide me much comfort.

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