What ever happened to the antiwar movement?

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that antiwar activity in the United States and around the world was driven as much by antipathy to George W. Bush as by actual opposition to war and intervention. Indeed, a University of Michigan study of antiwar protesters found that Democrats tended to withdraw from antiwar activity as Obama found increasing political success and then took office. Independents and members of third parties came to make up a larger share of a smaller movement.

Imagine if it was 2006 and George Bush had just started bombing Libya. The antiwar movement would have exploded into furious protest. Yet Obama does it and there’s scarcely a peep from liberals and progressives.

Oh, I forget. If Our Side does it, it’s ok (if maybe subject to some minor grumbling.) But if the Other Side does the same thing, it automatically is despicable and vile.

Wake up, people! As long as we keep falling for the same old divide and conquer tactics, we will never see that the problem is that the two parties are joined at the top, beholden to corporate interests, and that war is just another way they do business.


  1. It always gets down to Chomsky’s assessment: U.S. political system is a two-tiered business/war party.

    This is the job Obama interviewed for, but its sad he doesn’t heed the now 73% of Americans who want us out of Afghanistan. Is the empire worth losing your soul for?

  2. The Goose and the Gander

    What’s good for the goose,
    Should likewise prevail –
    Barring some excuse –
    For the goose’s male.

    The peaceniks all decried
    The Iraqi war zone,
    With protests worldwide
    In loud, lusty tone.

    Where are you, Code Pink?
    Come out, Dixie Chicks!
    Don’t from protest shrink;
    Wade into the mix!

    Can but Michael Moore
    A rebel voice find?
    Is not this new war
    With Bush’s affined?

    It seems goose and gander
    Are diff’rent kinds of bird.
    The first endured slander,
    The second: not a word!


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