The Urban Farming Guys

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The Urban Farming Guys are a group of self-proclaimed “revolutionaries” made up of 20 families who decided to move from suburbia to the inner-city of Kansas City, MO to start a community urban farm and sustainable living experiment. The families all bought houses within a five block radius of one another, aiming to provide food to their neighborhood at an affordable price, reduce crime, create jobs, alleviate poverty and restore dignity to what is considered to be one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the city.

The Urban Farming Guys are true visionaries (as well as hard workers.) They moved into a seriously bombed-out area where gunshots are common. Among other things, they feed fast-growing duckweed to tilapia. “The vegetables clean the water for the fish and the fish fertilize the vegetables.” They also use fish and chicken poop to create biogas for fuel. Amazing stuff.

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