In bizarre coincidence, Japan says 1600x normal radiation is a-ok

New radiation alert at Fukushima – Levels soar to 1600 times normal

That radiation reading was 20 kilometers from the crippled reactors. But no need to worry your silly little head, no doubt their government will raise the permissible amount of radiation (as they’ve already been doing continually) so people in the affected areas who are starting to vomit and glow can rest assured the cause is absolutely positively not due to radiation. You must understand, Tepco needs to protect their investment, even if that means more radiation is spewed and people die, rather do the right and sane thing and bury the accursed plant like they did at Chernobyl.  So it’s Save the Nukes at all costs. Financial interests must come before human life.

In other disaster news, Operation Underpants Gnomes is hitting a patch of rough road. Juan Cole says the no-fly zone is only in the rebel-held east. Further to the west, the fighting is fierce and UN allies do not own the skies. I’m sure this little jaunt in the park will be over in just a few days, don’t you?

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