Green NIMBYs

NY Times: Green development? Not in my (liberal) backyard

But policymakers in the United States have been repeatedly frustrated by constituents who profess to worry about the climate and count themselves as environmentalists, but prove unwilling to adjust their lifestyles or change their behavior in any significant way.


  1. Recently a truck parked outside our gate on our little-traveled road. I figured they were lost – happens quite often – but they were actually looking at the empty 400 acres on the other side of the road. They told me they were thinking of putting a massive solar generation project there.

    I could tell they expected me to object. I didn’t. I told them I support it wholeheartedly and if they ran into problems with the County I would, as the nearest neighbor, speak in favor of it. Seriously, what could be more beautiful than to look at the mountains over the top of a clean energy facility?

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