They’re sending in the big dogs. Benghazi celebrates

I’m conflicted. Yes, Qaddafi is as repulsive and vicious as they come, his son is an elegant sociopath, and they are trying to exterminate their own populace. And imagine, if you will, how the beseiged rebels will feel when the first wave of fighter jets are seen streaking towards them in support. This is not just a no-fly zone, this is “all neccessary measures” which I assume means immediately taking out Qaddafi’s aircraft, tanks, and heavy artillery.

Will it end well? Will we have troops on the ground and another endless war?

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  1. When do we go into Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where they are killing protesters and what about Yemen. We could give the Western arms industry a real boost and help the economy by marching about the globe topling dictators all around the world. Sadly a lot of them would be our “friends and allies”, but think of the jobs.

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