Japan nuclear plant explosion no biggie says Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth in Japan, rather than calming people, has been doing the opposite, with their bizarre insistence that everything is just fine, as things get demonstrably worse.

On Saturday, Japan’s government spokesperson Yukio Edano said radiation levels around the plant did not rise, but actually decreased after the explosion. He added that pressure in the reactor was also decreasing.

You hear that, all you silly worriers. Explosions in nuclear reactors are beneficial.

“The government says there are no large leaks of radiation but just in case they have initiated an evacuation that has been expanded from an initial radius of 10 kilometres to now 20 kilometres”

The intial evacuation area was 3 kilometers.

The US media has been trotting out a steady stream of “experts” to assure us that everything in a nuclear plant thousands of miles from them which they have no access to is just totally safe so all you need to stop that foolish worrying.


  1. From what I understand of Japanese culture, it is unthinkable to deliver bad news, and impolite to cause another to lose face. This is true whether you’re being fired or have been diagnosed with a fatal disease. If a Japanese employer suggests that an employee reflect on his performance, the employee knows what he means. We don’t.

    How that translates to global interaction with respect to deadly effects when things [we’re told can’t happen do] happen is another issue. Divergent culture is one of the great challenges of globalization. But I for one don’t care to give mine up in favor of someone else’s – do you?

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