O’Keefe follows-up with NPR phone call tape

An NPR fundraising executive said her organization would be willing to shield a would-be donor from a government audit by keeping the donor’s name anonymous, according to a series of surreptitiously recorded phone calls released on Thursday by a conservative activist

The caller claimed to be from a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The NPR executive has been put on administrative leave and NPR issued a non-denial denial. It’s difficult to comprehend how a fund-raising exec could be so stupid / greedy.

PS NPR journalists, hosts ‘appalled’ by Schiller’s comments [on the O’Keefe video] so it’s hardly just the right who are howling about this – NPR’s own rank and file is too.


  1. I’m still not convinced. So the biggest corporate tools of NPR signed a letter distancing themselves from a scandal. Is that supposed to show that it’s real? It could just be that they’re trying to save themselves.

    • NPR has already fired their CEO and put the exec on leave, Schilling was leaving anyway. Sounds like full-on damage control to me. They need to get in front of the story fast, before it overwhelms them, IMHO. O’Keefe is skilled at causing chaos within his targets.

      Seems to me the left could do this too. Hey, maybe we could do it against O’Keefe. Wouldn’t that be a kick!

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