James O’Keefe strikes again

NPR executive calls Tea Party supporters ‘racist’

I’ve not found any racism on Karl Denninger’s site, and he co-founded the original Tea Party.

Schiller [the NPR dimbulb] also says NPR “would be better off in the long run without federal funding” and is heard laughing when someone jokes that NPR should be known as “National Palestinian Radio.”

He may get his wish about the funding… What a total urban elitist doofus. O’Keefe totally clocked him and NPR may go down for the count.


  1. We should probably be taking anything O’Keefe puts out with some skepticism…I mean, first off, regardless of the specific person, this is a bit too good to be true since it comes right at the moment when NPR funding is at stake. Second, back to what I was originally saying, there’s been a lot written about (alright, I admit it, that doesn’t mean it’s true, either) O’Keefe’s allegedly dirty and dishonest tactics.

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