Fat bigots aghast that 575 lb. man didn’t die due to his weight

Blair River

Blair River, the 575 pound owner of the Heart Attack Grill, died of complications due to pneumonia. It had little or nothing to do with his weight. However, hordes of fat bigots insist upon trying to prove it did. The hostility in this country towards obese people is both pathological and sickening. Anorexics are pitied and people try to help them. Obese people are openly insulted. Why is this?

From a NY Times article in 2006.

Katherine Flegal of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also wryly cautions against being quick to link cause and effect. “Yes, obesity is to blame for all the evils of modern life, except somehow, weirdly, it is not killing people enough,” she said. “In fact that’s why there are all these fat people around. They just won’t die.”

Well, that’s just rude of them, isn’t it? How dare they have the temerity to keep on living.

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