Too late to jail bank CEOs; only revolution will succeed. WSJ op-ed

Paul Farrell, writing for Marketplace (which is owned by the Wall Street Journal)

Everyone knows Wall Street’s run by a bunch of dictators who are doing more damage to democracy and capitalism than North Africa’s dictators. But jail the CEOs of Goldman, Citi, B. of A. or my old firm Morgan Stanley? Too late.

Only a revolution will stop Wall Street’s self-destructive capitalism.

Au contraire. It’s not self-destructive for the Wall Street plunderers who are making out like the bandits that they are. They are destroying the country and the economy and they don’t care. But yes, we need a revolution. You think if push came to shove that the police or military would back the banksters against the rest of us? Not bloody likely.

And watching the people revolt against dictators like Mubarak and Gadhafi reminds us of the spirit that sparked America’s revolution in 1776. But today we need a 1930s-style revolution.

Farrell goes on to explain the 4 ticking time bombs that will ignite the Wall Street revolution. This is required reading!

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