Polizeros Radio. No fly zone? 2012 elections, and more

What are the ramifications of a no fly zone? What happens if they shoot back? Because they will. And why does the Afghanistan War continue when the public clearly opposes it?

In the 2012 elections, the challenges from the right will be stronger than from the left. The Tea Party is furious at betrayals by those they helped elect. Can any Republican beat Obama? The potential candidates and challengers on both sides are decidedly uninspired.

In the coming weeks we’ll talk about regulatory capture and control fraud, about how a tiny few can take control of a company or country and loot it by gutting oversight and getting the accounting rules changed.

Endless wars, uninspired candidates, massive theft at the top. These are all symptoms of the same disease. A entrenched minority at the top that ignores what the public wants.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and Josh Mull of Firedoglake & Rethink Afghanistan and myself.

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