Gunboat diplomacy coming to Libya. What if they shoot at us?

Whether it’s a no-fly zone or something more serious, if Qadiffi loyalists shoot at our jets or troops (and they will) then we will almost certainly invade after bombing them. Because, contrary to the accepted truth that wars can be won from the air, they can’t be. Just look at the Vietnam and Iraq wars for proof of that.

It’s like watching a train wreck about to happen, isn’t it?


  1. I pointed out the other day that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would have a hard time calling out “his” National Guard to quell protests when the vast majority of “his” National Guard are in Iraq and Afghanistan. So too with a “new war”. We don’t have enough soldiers.

    I like watching train wrecks – pass the popcorn, will ‘ya Bob.

  2. On-the-other-hand… kicking Libya’s ass is about like kicking Grenada’s, or Panama’s, ass. And in as much as we haven’t kicked anyone’s ass since 1945(pig era), maybe that’s what we need… to kick some pussy’s ass. Some unheard of backwater with less people than Utah.

    Korea is to this day a stalemate. We lost ‘Nam (I don’t need a tattoo to Never Forget), with Reagan’s help we lost Iran in ’79, and while Clinton wagged the dog in Kosavo lost the unheard of backwater with less people than Utah Somalia. Maybe that’s what we need… to kick some pussy’s ass. Just to show off how big and bad we are. How important we are…

    Hell’s Belles, in retrospect it could be argued that Germany and the Japs won.

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