Wisconsin, the Koch Brothers, Scott Walker

It’s not like what the Koch Brothers and Scott Walker are attempting is something new. Big money continually tries to subvert and influence politics. But usually it’s done more subtly and out of sight. The banksters do their influence-peddling behind closed doors so the public has much less idea what’s going on. But Scott Walker in particular has all the subtlety of an elephant with diarrhea. That’s why this is so public. Plus, the left has done a fine job in exposing it.

But let’s not kid ourselves. ‘Our side’, i.e. Democratic politician and their big money backers subvert and corrupt politics too. The problem isn’t so much loose cannons like Walker but a system that is mired in campaign contributions, where money and influence directly corrupt and endanger the political process. That’s the problem, and both parties and their backers are equally guilty.


  1. Bob, do you mean, for example, a union spokesperson leading the attack upon Chinese photo voltaic panels import to the United States, or unions attempting to trade protection of their health care benefits for lack of support of health reform?

  2. Or public unions in California gaming the system so that the state must make up any shortfall in pension funding or investment banks backing Obama early and strong then getting hundreds of billions if not trillions in return or conservatives steadfastly refusing to raise taxes at the behest of their corporate backers or corporations getting loopholes so they pay little or no federal tax.

    The list just goes on and on.

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