Message to Greens ‘you can’t pay the debt with recycled bottles’

The fight against the [UK budget] cuts is central to green politics, including the fight against climate change.

Green politics is also not simply about the environment – one of the core values of green politics, together with non-violence, ecology and grass-roots democracy, is social justice.

US biologist professor Barry Commoner puts it rather well.

“When an environmental issue is probed to its origins, it reveals an inescapable truth – that the root cause of the crisis is not found in how men (sic) interact with nature, but in how they interact with each other – that to solve the environmental crisis we must solve the problem of poverty, racial injustice and war – that the debt to nature, which is the measure of the environmental crisis, cannot be paid person by person, in recycled bottles or ecologically sound habits, but in the ancient coin of social justice.”

The cuts are not in any sense about our real debt to the planet or living better.

Read the whole article on Morning Star UK. Derek blogs at Another Green World.

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