Mary Poppins Gaddafi

No country deserves a leader as mentally unbalanced and vicious as Gaddafi. But that’s what Libya has, hopefully not for much longer. If there was ever a time for western nations to intervene militarily (or so simply threaten to do so), this is it. Yet they continue to make unctuous clucking noises about how they are deeply concerned as a deranged head of state uses fighter jets against his own people, yet do nothing.

But, we can’t have this democracy stuff spreading, can we? It’s bad for (attempted) US hegemony and besides it’s all about the oil isn’t it, and our decades long policy of backing thugs to ensure a steady flow of oil.

But that game may be about over.


  1. I don’t think we should even think about military intervention, we don’t have that right, how many Libyans would we kill all in the name of Western democracy? How many Libyans would resent foreign troops on their soil? How much of the Libyan infrastructure would we destroy with our mighty armies? Think Iraq and Afghanistan to mention two. America in particular has been too eager to march into other countries. There are other ways of supporting people, but like you said, our regimes are not too keen on a democratic Middle East with true sovereign rights.

    • I was thinking more that if Libyan jets start firing on their people either do threatening flyovers or shoot them down. Can’t imagine much of anyone would object to that. And it would send a signal.

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