Qualifying Green Candidates

I want to thank Bob for giving me the opportunity to post some of my writings here. This is the first time I have do so. I would like to introduce my self to those who don’t know me by referring you to another blog that I have written of the past few years… California Greening.

After resolving a frustrating problem with google support, I have again begun regular posting at California Greening. While some of the content is very specific to California, in one recent post I wrote both about what is required to satisfy upcoming elections in California and what the Green Party needs to look for in a candidate for POTUS.


  1. Thanks, Bob, for adding Wes Rolley as a guest blogger.

    I’m leaning towards Winona LaDuke for our GP POTUS nomination. She gave a great speech on sustainability at Cal Poly Pomona a few months ago to a packed crowd and many of us Greens from L.A. attended the reception dinner at their 16 acre Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies.

    If you do a google video search, you’ll find many recordings and variations of the speech LaDuke has been giving the past few years. This looks like a good one,
    and coincidentally, it is from my alma mater, UCF–the University of Central Florida:



    Lisa T

  2. Winona LaDuke endorsed Obama. Just sayin’.

    I really think any race larger than state legislature (and possibly even that, depending on the situation) is really a waste of energy for the Greens. There are ballot access issues, of course, but too much energy gets put into races where we won’t win and we don’t get much attention anyway.

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