Don’t let Wisconsin divide us

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Conservatives and liberals actually agree about the most important things.
In fact, most Americans – conservatives and liberals – are fed up with both of the mainstream republican and democratic parties, because it has become obvious that both parties serve Wall Street and the military-industrial complex at the expense of most Americans.

In reality, all Americans – conservatives and liberals:

Want to break up the unholy alliance between big government and big banks
Want to break up the giant banks (and see this)
Agree that the Wall Street criminals who committed fraud should be thrown in jail
Agree that the Federal Reserve should be audited
Are against corporate socialism
Are against rampant inequality
Want to stand up to the ruling class
And are against unnecessary imperial wars

This so perfectly echoes my beliefs that there’s little I can add. Expect to say that Wisconsin may finally be the start of real dissent in the US

Let’s bring the revolution home.


  1. Don’t get too hopeful. This is being used by Democrats, or they’re hoping to do so. In the legislature, it’s Democrats vs. Republicans, and tea partiers are starting to protest in opposition to the opposition. I hope you’re right, but I don’t know.

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