Head Torturer to replace the Corrupt One in Egypt?

I can’t imagine why protesters would be unhappy with that, can you? Except if they don’t want electrodes attached to their genitals, that is.

Egyptian workers join the revolution. This is huge. It means the revolution, and that’s what it is now, is spreading everywhere.

Egypt protests reveal hypocrisy of D.C. duopoly

The response of the US political establishment to the popular uprising in Egypt reveals the hypocrisy of a long-standing bipartisan foreign policy consensus. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, Greens and Libertarians are united in their support for the people of Egypt in their fight to topple its oppressive regime.


  1. You really didn’t think anything was going to change, did you? What with Israel declaring Suliman (sic) designated successor and the International Bankers, Insurers and Drug Cartels running the show, the outcome has been a foregone conclusion.

    Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.

    It’s all a media event, bread and circuses.

  2. It might not be the revolution that they were dreaming of, but when people lose their fear it is difficult to replace it. A fair and just world will not be created over night but since the next true revolution has to be a revolution of consciousness, this is one small step long that road.

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