Mexico drug cartel game coming soon!

Call Of Juarez: The Cartel will be released by Ubisoft this summer. Thrill to their realistic portrayal of the characters. Will you role-play a police officer splatting the baddies? Oh, wait, many such officers are actually are aligned with cartels, aren’t they? Perhaps this would be a touch too realistic for the youth market. But then maybe Ubisoft will go the GTA route and let you be one of the baddies. Then you can machine gun innocents, torture those you capture then behead them (they don’t need to be dead for you to behead them*.) Won’t those graphics be fun to watch!

Because really, with our modern day capitalism, there is nothing that can’t be trivialized and then exploited to make money from.

Borderland Beat

Honestly, I know I’ve played GTA and similar games”¦ But this seems a little to close to home for me to feel comfortable with this. Makes you wonder when the 911 game is coming out. Perhaps we can turn THAT tragedy into a fun, action packed game as well. Perhaps something set in the Sudan? Another game that caused similar controversy was the Fall of Baghdad which featured Saddam Hussein as the villain. WTF is going through the minds of these simpleton game designers? I would like them to spend a month in Juarez, really learning and living the nightmare in that violence stricken city, I would like the developers to bring their families to live with them in these run down colonias, with no power and then tell me what how real their game is when compared to the real thing.

We look forward to Call of Egypt. The Protests, with ultra-realistic torture scenes for protesters who are caught.

(* You probably thought I was making a macabre joke about cartel torture victims being alive when the beheading starts, didn’t you? It’s no joke.)

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