The Leftover Left and their obsession with newspapers

Harry’s Place lampoons the bizarre tendency of current day revolutionary socialist groups to use their party newspaper as a primary means of organizing.

A standard method for recruitment, one that has remained unchanged since prior to the Russian Revolution in 1917, is that of publishing a newspaper and selling it. The acceptance for the need of the newspaper to spread ideas about the party and the revolution is unquestioned. The party is as wedded to the newspaper as a heroin addict to a syringe. Arguably more so: heroin addicts have been known to break their addiction.

The Marxist left has become so fossilized it’s almost comical. It hasn’t had any new ideas in decades. St. Karl of Marx did not mention this Twitter thingee so they are at a loss about what to do with these newfangled Intertubes.

Also, it’s much harder to enforce party doctrine when party members are tweeting vs writing tedious newspaper articles. I mean, it would be a catastrophe if a tweeting comrade cracked a joke or stepped outside of the party line. Oh, the horror.

You’ll notice that hard left Marxist party websites and blogs hardly ever allow comments. That’s because they don’t want any. They preach. You listen. That’s what they want. But this shows a total misunderstanding of how social media works, because the conversations need to be 2-way to be effective. But, by God, newspapers are how Lenin did it in 1917, so onward they march, resolutely moving backwards in time.

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