Navy milblogger blows gasket, says Google declared war on Egypt

You just can’t make this stuff up. Galrhan at the US Naval Institute says Google doing voice2tweet from Egyptian protesters is somehow “declaring war” on the Egyptian government.

Happily though, even some of those commenting on his post disagreed.

You neglected to mention that Google-Saynow did this in response the the Egyptian government (our strategic partner as you reminded us) pulling the plug on ALL communications; phone, email, etc.

Google/SayNow has done nothing more illegal than Gutenberg did in inventing the printing press. They’ve constructed the means to communication.

Newshoggers is more blunt

I guess whan what you mainly do is think and write about war, everything begins to look like warfare – but it most assuredly isn’t. Google and its partners at Alive In Egypt aren’t waging war – they are not broadcasting “anti-government information” any more than CNN is. They post pro- and anti-Mubarak messages, whatever the people of Egypt are reporting.

That’s called journalism and it is explicitly protected by the US Constitution, the United Nations, and other relevant International Laws. Describing it as “war”, and thus giving the Egyptian authorities and excuse to label it likewise, could in fact endanger journalists and citizens engaged in their voluntary expression of their opinions. Galrhan should hurredly revise his statements before he becomes a tool of totalitarianism.

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