Does the US support democracy in the Middle East?

CNN, in an unintentionally revealing headline says, U.S. navigates carefully between supporting Mubarak, democratic ideals.

You need to review your policy,” ElBaradei told CNN. “You need to let go of Mubarak. You shouldn’t be behind the curve, and you need to start building confidence with the people and not with the people who are smothering the people.”

It is one of the most complex issues facing President Barack Obama.

No. It’s not complex at all. The US has for decades only pretended to champion democracy in the Middle East while supporting despicable regimes in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Now genuine movements for democracy are breaking out everywhere in that region and the US is still dithering about whether or not to support Mubarek. Gosh, what a clearing and ringing endorsement of freedom that is. Richard Nixon once said the US “is not a pitiful, helpless giant.” This time, maybe it is. Out of ideas, compromised, with its deceit and lies now obvious to all.

Does the US support democracy? The question isn’t complex at all.

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