Backup WordPress with BackupBuddy to Amazon S3 cloud

What many think of as a backup in WordPress is actually just the database. BackupBuddy will also do a full backup, which includes WordPress itself, plugins, settings, and images as well as the database. Thus, if you want to move your WordPress site, simply put the full backup on the new site and run their script. It’ll do the rest. Sweet.

S3 file storage is part of Amazon Web Services

It also does database backups, and you can schedule either. Here’s the really powerful part. It’ll automatically ftp the backup to your account on the Amazon S3 cloud where it is super secure then delete it from your site. Backups should not be kept on your blog site for security reasons and are way too big to email. Sending them to S3 is a great solution.

S3 is one of the many web services that Amazon offers. Prices are very low. In fact, given the size of my monthly backups for Polizeros, it’ll be free for the first year, then maybe 30 cents a month. There is no minimum charge.

BackupBuddy is normally $45 (and worth it) but you can get it for 25% off until the end of this month by entering RESOLVE2011 as the coupon code.

While this may seem complicated, it’s not. I installed BackupBuddy, signed up for and configured a S3 account, and then did a full backup in 15 minutes. The backups are scheduled now, so I don’t have to do anything. If you have a WordPress blog, this is a safe, easy way to do backups.

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