Where liberals go to feel good. Conferences!

A fine rant by Chris Hedges

The moral outrage of the liberal class, a specialty of MSNBC, groups such as Progressives for Obama and MoveOn.org, is built around the absurd language of personal narrative-as if Barack Obama ever wanted to or could defy the interests of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase or General Electric. The liberal class refuses to directly confront the dead hand of corporate power that is rapidly transforming America into a brutal feudal state.

That’s only part of it. Many liberals are wedded to large government through jobs, consulting, media, advocacy organizations, nonprofits, etc. They don’t really want to rock the boat much.

The liberal class’ solution to the bleak political landscape is the conference. This, along with letters and cries of outrage circulated on the Internet, is its preferred form of expression.

Conferences, petitions, and the like are indeed often quite ineffectual. But that’s secondary. Their real purpose is to build the mailing list, contribution base, and membership of the group sponsoring them.

Such conferences can also be comical in their pomposity. And it’s not just liberals. When I was in a far left group a few years ago, they would hold conferences and then announce deep solidarity with resistance struggles across the planet (without ever actually doing anything to support the struggles, of course.) Tragically, those engaged in the actual struggles were unaware of such crucial support coming from a micro-cult in the States. Fiery manifestos were read, announcing the revolution would most certainly be here soon, and that The Workers would inevitably follow the selfless leadership of the group. In a stunning feat of irrelevance and overreach, like that of a chihuahua fancying itself to be a wolfhound, the group once released a ponderous 200 page statement expounding their views on whether China was still socialist. I doubt if many of their own members actually read it, much less anyone else.

Such foolishness is simply building the group for the sake of the power base of its leaders while pretending to be revolutionaries and helps actual struggles not a whit.