Vampire Squid now has competition for Scummiest Bankster

Move over Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan is now even more bottom-dwelling than you are.

JP Morgan makes big bucks from food stamp growth, then hires workers in India with our tax dollars

They are busily expanding into other related growth opportunities like child support and unemployment insurance debit cards too – when they aren’t overcharging military families on their mortgages and foreclosing illegally on them, that is.

Our rapacious eltes seem intent on gouging whatever they can out of the less fortunate while returning precisely nothing to them or the country. In the very deepest sense they have no concern for the country and are anti-patriotic.

BTW, Obama and JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon have been buddies for years, starting when they were both working their way up in Chicago in the 90’s.


  1. Why the surprise, shock, horror? Banks are behaving as banks behave, like all large capitalist organisations, Increase market share, reduce costs and maximise profits, it’s the basic rules of the game. Morality and ethics? That’s for religion, this is competition boy. Wouldn’t it be nice to see compassionate capitalism and caring shareholders!!!

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